петак, 04. октобар 2013.

Apple working to fix iOS 7 bug that lets students bypass iPad restrictions

Apple is working to fix another iOS 7 security-related bug. A number of schools across the US are experiencing issues with the latest OS upgrade, with some complaining that iOS 7 removes important supervision profiles that allow administrators to remote control iPads and restrict web access. AllThingsD has obtained a memo sent to parents from Manitou Springs School District 14 noting that iPads running iOS 7 can access the internet unfiltered away from school. The district is collecting iPads at the end of each day to prevent students using them at home. Manitou has had to collect hundreds of iPads and wipe and reinstall iOS apps and content on the devices. AllThingsD reports that some schools have gone as far as blocking access to Apple's update servers via DNS to stop iPads upgrading to iOS 7. A Los Angeles high school recently halted the use of iPads at home after students bypassed restrictions on web browsing. The school-issued iPads are part of a deal with Apple where 47 campuses across Los Angeles will issue as many as 640,000 iPads by the end of 2014. Apple will have a fix in place this month Apple has faced a number of issues with its iOS 7 software. An initial bug logged users out of popular apps like Mailbox and Snapchat, and two security issues with the lockscreen allowed anyone to place calls or bypass the security lock and access photos, email, and Twitter content. Apple has now fixed the lockscreen issue, but another bug affecting iMessage has not yet been addressed. Apple says it's aware of the latest issue affecting iPads in schools and it's working on a fix. "Some business and education users have reported that their supervised devices have reverted to unsupervised when they upgrade to iOS 7," an Apple spokeswoman told AllThingsD. "We are aware of this issue, and will have a fix this month."

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